It's spring finally

I'm just so happy because it's finally getting warmer. I don't need to wear my winter jacket and hopefully it'll stay that way. It's so nice to wake up and wake up to sunshine not to pitch-black room.

I'm getting more motivated everyday but not for studying which is bad because I have matura exam in like 2 weeks (although it's not 100% sure because there is teachers' strike in Poland and there is the possibility that this exam will be one month later). I'm trying to learn. Math is not the worst but Polish is a nightmare for me. I have no idea how to even start it (and how am I supposed to learn 3 years in 2 weeks and read that many books that are obligatory ehh...)

My life recently has been only going out, dancing, sometimes doing mathematics, recording YouTube videos and I think I should change my priorities for 2 weeks because I really want to go to univeristy that I have in mind and getting into this university depends on my score on matura. Let's hope for the best!


  1. So cute! Haha your schedule sounds so fun. Hoping for the best for you and your exam!

    S | Je M'appelle Chanel

  2. It is wonderful that Spring is manifesting itself!!!
    Best wishes for your studying, knowledges absorption and exams!
    You look fabulous. I like the complementary colour contrast in the outfit pieces you styled together. I also love the video titled 'I QUIT SOCIAL MEDIAS FOR A MONTH // Social Media Detox' that you embedded here. :)

  3. Cute photos! I also love spring and these amazing views. Good luck on your exam!

  4. Good luck with school and especially learning Polish.
    Happy Spring :)

  5. All the best with your Matura. You will nail it and come out with flying colours. Enjoy the weather. :-)

  6. You look stunning! Good luck with school :)

    Shoot for the stars | ☆ ☆ ☆ | Facebook page | ☆ ☆ ☆ | Instagram

  7. I love Spring too,
    flowers are in bloom and birds are chirping
    and everywhere seems like a happy place.
    Love your pics.


  8. Spring is definitely my favorite season. Anyway, loving your photos dear. So cute!
    Jessica |

  9. Fingers cross you ace this exam! Wishing you all the best


  10. Don't we just love sunshine? Good luck in your exam! <3

  11. Such a lovely spring outfit! I like your jacket.

    Good luck with your study, I hope the exam goes well and your hard work pays off! :)

    Hope that you have had a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From Blue


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