Me being an artist

okay I feel super hyped and I don't even know why. There isn't enough caffeine in tea to make me feel this way.

That was off topic.

Halloween is coming! (actually maybe it's today, idk when I'm going to publish it)
Last Sunday I decided to carve pumpkins! It was second time I had carved pumpkin in my entire life but I did have big expectations for myself. In 2016 I carved Tinkerbell (you can see photo of this on my instagram (shameless promo)) and this year I deecided to carve owl and a bat in a cave.

So this is how it went...

I mean it looks kinda good but that's just the magic of editing, darknes etc. because owl pumpkin kind of broke and it looks like this now.

As you can see your girl isn't that talented. Also these pumpkins took 4 hours. I don't mind that it took that much time because I felt creative, relaxed (well, not really) and I just like spending time on such creative, artsy things. 

Also if you want to watch me struggle while carving here is the perfect opportunity because I recored a video.  You have a spoiler how does 'reality' looks like but you know what. It's not about destination it's about journey.

Do you celebrate Halloween?


  1. Great post. I was subscribed to your blog. Will you subscribe back?

  2. Girl, you did amazing! I can barely carve 2 eyes and a mouth into a pumpkin. Haha that is why I paint my pumpkins! Hope you had a great Halloween. xx

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s

    1. I've never painted a pumpkin. I think next year I will try that insted!

  3. Those pumpkins rock!


  4. It was amazing!
    I always wanted to do that, but here in Brazil it's not very traditional to celebrate Halloween. SAD :(

    It's Lizzie | Facebook | Instagram

    1. In Poland it isn't ce;ebrated but I did it anyway haha

  5. Oh wow, I'm so impressed right now! Both of your carvings look incredible, though my fave is the owl - too cute! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  6. I love your YouTube video titled "Pumpkin Carving" !!! Your pumpkin carving is very detailed, artistic, intricate, ambitious, and it is a lot of fun watching it!
    I also love your pumpkin carving outfit. The orange hoodie was perfect for Halloween.

    I used to go out to celebrate Halloween, but I haven't recently. This year I simply did a blog post titled: Last Minute Halloween Excuse Post with Old Full Drag Selfies and Thanks to Commenters

  7. Great job.

  8. I think you're talented! The pumpkins turned out great.
    Hope you had a great Halloween!

  9. That's cool. I like your blog. Go to my blog

  10. you did a nice job here

  11. I love those pumpkins! Can you believe that I've never actually carved a pumpkin? I may be missing out haha.

    Have a great week :)
    Amy x Wandering Everywhere

    1. It was actually my second time carving a pumkin so I'm also inexperienced in this field haha

  12. Świetny pomysł :) Efekt naprawdę wygląda wspaniale.

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