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Why my summer goals were complete flop

Back in June I wrote post about my plans and goals for summer holidays. I maybe accomplished one thing out of this list and this is why it went so badly.

1. Build my own website.

The one and only excuse is that I felt lazy. I read some chapters from my book about HTML&CSS but that was it. I also have a project in mind but I don't think my own website will be hapenning soon.

2. Get a job.

I didn't get  a job. I took part in so many interviews but a lot of people told me that I should comeback when I'll be 18. And most of the offered jobs are from the age of 18. July was the only month I could work so when July started and I haven't got any answer that was a sign I won't be working during summer break.

3. Start bullet journal again.

I did part of spread for August and September but I just don't feel creative to journal again. Also I don't like bullet journals as I used to.

4. Be more active on YouTube.

That's one point that I think accomplished (in some way) …

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