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First impression on menstrual cup

Never thought  that I'd be testing period product but here I am. Writing a post about first impression. This post is really TMI so keep that in mind.

What is menstrual cup?

It is a hygine product used during menstruation. You all know pads and tampons and here is one of the alternatives.

Why I decided to try this?

1. It is better for environment as it is reusable.
2. It doesn't absorb the menstrual fluid, it just collects it so vagina won't be a dry flake.
3. If you decide to use it instead of tampons or/and pads you'll save money because it is REUSABLE.
4. There is a smaller chance to get TSS.

This is why I wanted to try this and finally I bought one.

I bought menstrual cup from facelle (it is the brand exclusive to Rossmann) It costed only 40 złotys (which is around 10$) but I wanted something cheap as I wasn't sure if this product was for me.

It came with menstrual cup and bag for it so you can carry this with you.
There are (most of the time) two sizes of the cup…

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