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Getting back on track

two weeks ago I finaly finished all of my exams. One month ago I graduated highschool. I am free person now... with no routine.

I feel like I procrascinate now a lot and then get stressed because of that. I have so many ideas and things to do but I can't find motivation. This is probably because of not having a routine. I actully did more when I had school. I was also more tired. But now I'm doing nothing and I'm tired so I guess being tired is just my thing.

First of all, I wanted to organize my life. By that I mean tidying up, throwing away stuff that I don't need (*ekhem* school related books and notebooks *ekhem*), I want to start posting on blog more often (won't promise anything tho). I started doing June bullet journal setup and going to gym. Also I started neglecting dance classes a little bit because I just don't feel like dancing and also my knee hurts a lot recently.

I am so excited to dive into YouTube and Blog  more as I have summer break now. …

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