It's 2019!

Hello, hi, hey!

This is my first post in 2019! And I'm so excited for this year. I'm always really excited when new year comes because I know there are going to be a lot of new things, changes in life and new adventures.

My resolutions for this year are more grounded (??). Mainly they are about me being more consistent.
I won't write what my resolutions are exactly because I prefer doing summary at the end of the year rather than telling you I'm going to do this and then completely neglect it.

I've started this year with pharyngitis and I'm taking antibiotic But I'm getting better so hopefully I'll get to work soon. Also I haven't been in school for like 2 weeks because I had Christmas break and the I got ill. Before Christmas break I was in school for like a week because earlier I also had been sick.  And also in one week I'm having winter break so in January I'll be in school for ONE week.

Are you excited for 2019? xx


  1. I wish you a great 2019!!

  2. Love it darling! Happy New Year! My best wishes to you in 2019 :)


  3. really like your post, Happy New Year and best wishes for you.
    xo Corina

  4. I love your embedded end-of-the-year dance and celebration YouTube video titled "Goodbye 2018" !!! I hope you feel all better quickly, and have a very healthy, successful and happy year 2019!!!

  5. This is such a lovely way to celebrate dear. Wishing you all the best this 2019. Happy New Year!
    Jessica |

  6. Great way to welcome the new year! Have a blessed year.

  7. Love the journal and happy new year!
    Love xx

  8. Hello,

    Amazing !


  9. Have a great and joyful 2019!♥


  10. OMG! When i saw your post of your journal i'm like oh yeah! I'm planning to open a post tag about my journal arts and i love that you have journal arts, i wish i can feature more of your work of this idea comes,

    Yes! We all love new years! Signs of new beginnings! Hope you are well! <3


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