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Dealing with outgrowing friendships

That's a thing that I've been thinking about a lot lately. Looking back I had many friendships, people that I could count on but we just stopped talking that much. It's really painful when you tell someone all your secrets, you spend a lot of time and suddenly you stop keeping in touch.

As I told you I had many friendships and many of them ended. Some of them because of arguments some of them just because time went by. Some of these friendships were really toxic but most were great. I was sad that I stopped talking with some people but these years and years of friendships left some great memories, they also left some lessons.

I feel like I'm loosing some friendships right now. With one girl that I've been friends with for over ten years I can't talk like I used to. She is kind of neglecting our friendship because of her new friends group. We talked about this situation but it didn't change anything and I just can't stop thinking it's beginning of th…

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