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First time driving

I've started my driving course three weeks ago. I'm after all my theory classes and I started actually driving. First time I was driving (which was two weeks ago) was great. Instructor told me that I was driving amazing for my first lesson. But then the next week came. And it got worse and worse. I couldn't change gear, it was hard for me to turn left and right. It was going downhill every minute (keep in mind that every lesson is two hours).

After this AMAZING lesson it was better but I'm getting stressed now a lot by driving. I mean it's a big responsibilty and you really need to think about all the things at once because if you won't be focused there would be big consequances.

For now I'm getting used to the car and I'm not really paying attetntion to the road (hopefully it won't stay that way). I'm after 6th hour of driving and I have 24 more to go from course.

Do you have driving license? xx

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