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Social Media Detox

I have a challenge for me. What if I will not us social media for two weeks?

I always want to do more productive things during day. But "surprisingly" I never have time. Or motivation.

Firstly let's talk about Snapchat. I could spend hours watching other people's stories (I mean hours). And after this time I felt like shit because 1) I haven't done anything 2) I just know a whole day of person that I don't even talk to anymore. So I decided to delete Snapchat from my phone for one week firstly (also I didn't have storage on my phone so some apps had to go as I wanted to take photos during my holidays). This one week went fast and I didn't feel the need to check snaps. And now it's been like over a year.

With deleting a Snapchat I noticed a huge difference with time. I felt like I can do everything in a day.

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